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12 galleries with exclusive exhibits

Original, not only American and Soviet artefacts, such as spacesuits, rocket engines, spaceships, prototypes of lunar vehicles or huge walk-through models of the shuttle and orbital stations, are complemented by projections that take you directly to spaceships or straight into space. Of course, there is also an audio guide.

Gallery 1: Introduction

First dreams about space !

- one of the first editions of Verne's Journey to the Moon

- V1 and V2 rocket model

- V2 rocket shell fragment

Gallery 2: Space cinema

Start your mission in the space cinema.

- an original documentary film

- map humanity's paths to orbit and beyond

- tune in to hundreds of original exhibits and first-hand space experiences

Gallery 3: The first flights into space

Join the space race!

You will experience:

- the first moments in space with the Sputnik 1 satellite

- take off of the first animals, the female Lajka and the chimpanzee ENOSE

- the story of Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova

- You will see the first American success - the Mercury Friendship 7 spacecraft, which carried an American into Earth orbit

TOP exhibits :

  • real-size model of Sputnik 1

  • Yuri Gagarin's space suit

  • ENOSE chimpanzee flight gear

  • cabin of the spaceship MERCURY in which the American John Glenn completed the first orbital flight

Gallery 4: Journey to the Moon

- recall the adventure and danger of the Apollo missions

- see the lunar rover with your own eyes

- marvel at a real Saturn V rocket engine nozzle

TOP exhibits :

  • 11 meter long 1:10 scale Saturn V model (the real rocket was 110 meters long)

  • an original Saturn V launch vehicle engine nozzle recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

  • control cabin of Apollo 11

  • the Soviet Lunochod, the Luna 16 probe and the American Lunar rover in real size